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Elbow Injuries in Athletes

What are Elbow Injuries in Athletes?

As MSM Clinic, a specialist Orthopedics and Traumatology clinic focusing on sports injuries, we know that elbow injuries are a common problem in athletes. Elbow injuries in athletes are defined as damage to the structures of the elbow joint. These damages may occur as a result of sudden trauma, overuse or repetitive movements. Elbow injuries seen in athletes can be successfully managed with careful evaluation and treatment planning by a specialized team at MSM Clinic.

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The treatment process is personalized specific to the patient’s condition and supported by the latest medical technology and information. As a healthcare institution specializing in elbow injuries in athletes, MSM Clinic is committed to providing effective and reliable treatment options to its patients.

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What are the Types and Causes of Elbow Injuries in Athletes?

Learning proper techniques, regular rest periods, and using appropriate equipment are important to prevent elbow injuries in every sport. In addition, maintaining the physical condition of athletes and performing warm-up exercises appropriate to their sports activities can also play a preventive role. The sports where elbow injuries are most common in athletes are sports in which hand coordination is very important, such as tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. We can list the types of elbow injuries in athletes as follows:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis): It is a common elbow injury in tennis players. Repetitive outward movements with the shuttlecock can cause undue stress and irritation in the outer epicondyle area.
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis): It is an elbow injury seen in golfers. Frequent inward movements during golf can trigger overuse on the tendons in the medial epicondyle area.
  • Volleyball and Basketball: Sudden strain on the elbow during dunking or kicking the ball can cause elbow injuries in volleyball and basketball players.
  • Gymnastics: Gymnastics is an activity that forces the body in different positions. Excessive rotation of the elbow or trauma during weight bearing can cause elbow injuries in gymnasts.
  • Weight Lifting: Weight lifting can cause high levels of stress and pressure on the elbow areas. Improper technique or overtraining while lifting weights can predispose to elbow injuries.
  • Football and Rugby: In contact sports such as football and rugby, the force on the elbow area during collisions or falls between players can cause various elbow injuries.
  • Bicycle: Keeping your hands on the steering wheel while cycling can cause excessive stress and injuries to the elbow areas during long-term cycling.

Diagnosis of Elbow Injuries in Athletes

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As MSM Clinic, we have extensive experience in accurately diagnosing elbow injuries in athletes and creating an effective treatment plan. We will focus on the specific methods we use and the multidisciplinary approach we employ to evaluate elbow injuries in athletes.

  • Patient History and Examination: At MSM Clinic, a detailed patient history taken from our patients’ sports history is an important step in understanding complaints in the elbow area. We also evaluate swelling, tenderness and limitation of movement in the elbow area with a comprehensive physical examination.
  • Imaging Tests: MSM Clinic performs a detailed analysis of our patients’ elbow injuries using modern imaging techniques such as x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT). This helps us identify any abnormalities in bone, tendon and ligament structures.
  • Laboratory Tests: Blood tests are used to evaluate the patient’s general health status and detect systemic conditions. MSM Clinic evaluates laboratory results from a holistic perspective regarding the patient’s elbow injury.
  • Electromyography (EMG) and Neurophysiological Tests: EMG and neurophysiological tests used to evaluate nerve damage help us identify problems with the patient’s nervous system.
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Treatment of Elbow Injuries in Athletes

At MSM Clinic, we take a comprehensive approach to effectively treat elbow injuries in athletes. Treatment of elbow injuries involves a multidisciplinary plan tailored specifically to the patient’s condition. This plan aims to relieve pain, ensure functional recovery, and allow the athlete to safely return to sports as soon as possible.

Conservative Treatment:

  • Rest: It is important for the athlete to rest for a certain period of time to avoid activities that damage the elbow area.
  • Ice and Bandaging: Ice application and bandaging methods are used at regular intervals to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Medication: Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed for pain and inflammation management.

Physical Therapy:

  • MSM Clinic emphasizes physical therapy in the treatment of elbow injuries. Expert physiotherapists apply exercise programs, manual therapy and mobilization techniques specifically designed for the patient’s condition.
  • Muscle strengthening and stretching exercises increase stability in the athlete’s elbow area and accelerate recovery.


Orthosis and Supportive Devices:

  • MSM Clinic can recommend special orthoses or supportive devices when necessary. This supports healing by providing additional support to the elbow area.

Intra-articular Injections:

  • PRP, smart plasma, collagen, or hyaluronic acid injections; It can be used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote healthier healing.

Surgical intervention:

  • Surgical intervention may be necessary in cases that do not respond to conservative treatment or in cases of serious injuries. MSM Clinic offers the most appropriate solution for the athlete’s health by using modern surgical techniques with its experienced surgeons.

Rehabilitation and Return Process:

  • As part of the treatment, the athlete is ensured to undergo a controlled rehabilitation process and return to sports activities safely. This process aims to increase the strength, endurance and flexibility in the athlete’s elbow area.

As MSM Clinic, we use current medical techniques, our expert staff and personalized treatment protocols to effectively treat elbow injuries in athletes. Our goal is to ensure that the athlete recovers in the most appropriate way for his health and can return to sports as soon as possible.

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What is Elbow Fracture in Athletes?

As MSM Clinic, with our knowledge and experience regarding elbow fractures in athletes, we have a broad perspective to understand this serious condition and create an effective treatment plan. Elbow fractures are a serious condition that affects athletes’ performance and requires careful intervention. Elbow fracture refers to the cracking or breaking of one or more parts of the bones in the elbow area. These fractures often occur in high-impact sports or traumatic accidents. Elbow fractures are an important orthopedic problem that requires both urgent intervention and long-term rehabilitation, especially for athletes.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Elbow Fractures in Athletes?

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The main cause of elbow fractures in athletes is generally high-energy trauma or falls. Contact sports, in particular, can increase the risk of falls. In addition, conditions that affect bone health, such as osteoporosis, may also be among the risk factors. Elbow fractures are often characterized by severe pain, swelling, bruising and limitation of movement. Additionally, an abnormal shape change or bone protrusion may be seen in the fracture area. At MSM Clinic, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to diagnose elbow fractures. X-ray imaging plays a critical role in determining the type and location of the fracture. Additionally, advanced imaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) may also be used.

Treatment of Elbow Fractures in Athletes

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Elbow fracture treatment varies depending on the type of fracture. Treatment types for elbow fractures in athletes applying to MSM Clinic are divided into two.

  1. Conservative Treatment: In some cases, a splint or cast may be used to stabilize and heal the fracture. This allows the bones to naturally fuse and heal.
  2. Surgical Intervention: Severe or displaced fractures may require surgical intervention. MSM Clinic aims for the athlete to achieve the best results with its expert surgeons and modern surgical techniques.

Elbow Fracture Healing Process in Athletes

Elbow fractures in athletes are carefully evaluated by the expert team of MSM Clinic and the most appropriate treatment plan is created. This aims to enable the athlete to recover quickly and effectively, regain health and return to sport. MSM Clinic offers a personalized rehabilitation program for the athlete to strengthen the elbow area and ensure functional recovery. Physical therapy plays an important role in restoring and strengthening range of motion.

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