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Flat Feet in Children

What are Flat Feet in Children

Flat feet in children is a condition in which the sole of the foot is not sufficiently curved and therefore the entire surface of the foot is in contact with the ground. This condition is characterized by a missing or very small arch of the foot. Flat feet typically do not cause pain or discomfort, but in some cases they can cause problems with activities such as walking or running.

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What are the Causes and Symptoms of Flat Feet in Children?


  • Genetic Predisposition: Children with a family history of flat feet are more likely to have similar problems.
  • Weak Foot Muscles: Insufficient development or weakness of the foot muscles can prevent the formation of the arch of the foot.
  • Foot Structure: Congenital disorders of the foot structure or inflexible ligaments can increase the risk of flat feet.
  • Choosing Footwear: Inappropriate footwear, especially those that do not provide support, can contribute to the development of flat feet.



  • Foot Problems: Pain or discomfort in the foot becomes noticeable when walking or running.
  • Fatigue: Excessive tiredness is felt in the feet after prolonged standing or physical activities.
  • Limping: When walking, a limp or a walking style that deviates from the norm is observed.
  • Shoe Deformation: Significant wear or deformation occurs on the inside of the shoes.
  • Absence of the Arch of the Foot: It is observed that the entire sole of the foot touches the ground and the arch of the foot is not visible.


If you notice the symptoms of flat feet in your child, we at the MSM Clinic can help you. Our team of experts is here to protect your child’s foot health through accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

What is the Treatment of Flat Feet in Children?

Flat feet in children is a condition that can be managed with appropriate treatment. Treatment methods depend on the age of the child, the severity of the flat feet, and the underlying causes. At MSM Clinic we use the following methods to treat flat feet in children:

  • Physical Therapy and Exercises: Special exercises and physical therapy sessions with experienced physiotherapists help strengthen foot and leg muscles and develop proper walking habits.
  • Special Insoles and Shoes: Special insoles or shoes can be used to support the arch of the foot. This can reduce the symptoms of flat feet by supporting the foot structure.
  • Shoe Choice and Foot Care Recommendations: The right choice of shoes is an important factor in the treatment of flat feet. It is important that the shoes provide good grip and support the arch of the foot. Additionally, foot care recommendations can also be effective in treating flat feet.
  • Surgical Procedures: In rare cases, surgery may be necessary if other treatment methods have failed or if the flat feet are severe. Surgical options usually depend on the age of the child and the severity of the flat feet.

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