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Knee Prosthesis

MSM Clinic offers rapid recovery in knee prosthesis with medical solutions, personalized treatment and state-of-the-art equipment.

What is Knee Prosthesis?

Knee prosthesis is a medical device to solve knee joint problems. It is designed to eliminate problems such as pain and limitation of movement that generally occur due to conditions such as damage to the knee joint, arthritis, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis.

A knee prosthesis is the outline of a structure made of durable materials such as titanium, stainless steel and polyethylene. This prosthesis is surgically placed in the patient’s knee joint and is specially designed to adapt to the patient’s unique anatomy.

MSM Clinic offers knee replacement surgeries, a health service that combines the latest technology and expert team. Knee replacement surgeries performed in this clinic are carefully planned to improve patients’ quality of life, reduce their pain, and enable them to return to their normal daily activities.

Before surgery, experienced orthopedic surgeons and healthcare professionals evaluate the patient’s condition and create a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs. MSM Clinic is known for its personalized approach that supports patients in understanding their treatment process, feeling comfortable, and making informed decisions.

Why is Knee Prosthesis Needed?

Knee prosthesis is a marvel of technology that provides a solution that facilitates movements in life. This prosthesis replaces the knee joint damaged due to arthritis, injury or other health problems, restoring the rhythm of daily life by reducing pain and restoring mobility.

This special device is an assistant made of durable materials and equipped with the advantages of technology. Knee prosthesis, designed specifically for the patient’s needs, makes every moment special and comfortable, like a first-class stage performance.

Knee prosthesis helps the patient leave the traumatic moments in his life behind. Equipped with modern surgical techniques and personalized approaches, this solution allows people to live an active life. It is not just a joint, but also a tool that improves the quality of life.

The need for knee prosthesis usually arises in people who have serious problems in the knee joint. These problems can often be caused by:

Osteoarthritis: Knee arthritis (calcification) is a condition in which the cartilage tissue in the knee joint is worn and damaged. Over time, this condition can cause pain, swelling, deformity, and limited movement. In cases of severe wear and tear, the need for a knee prosthesis may arise.

Trauma and Injuries: Serious injuries, fractures, or ligament injuries to the knee can cause permanent damage to the knee joint. Knee arthritis accelerates rapidly due to problems that are not treated in time. In these cases, knee prosthesis surgery is considered as a solution.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Joint Diseases: Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis can damage the knee joint and cause arthritis. When these conditions progress, knee prosthesis treatment is considered.

Congenital Anomalies: Some individuals may have congenital problems in their knee joints. In this case, he needs a knee prosthesis to live a functional life.

Knee Cancer and Tumors: Cancer or tumors in the knee area can seriously affect bone structure. In this case, our specialist doctors may recommend surgery to remove the affected area and replace it with a prosthesis. Although this prosthesis is different from the normal knee prosthesis, it is applied specifically to the patient.

Choosing the Appropriate Knee Prosthesis

Choosing a knee prosthesis should be made carefully, taking into account the patients’ unique health conditions, lifestyles and expectations. This is a critical step to ensure the patient receives the best results after surgery.

Individual Health Status: The first step in choosing a knee prosthesis is to evaluate the general health status of the patient. Factors such as the patient’s age, weight, and general health history play an important role in determining the appropriate prosthesis.

Mobility and Activity Level: How active the patient is in his daily life and what activities he wants to do affect the selection of the appropriate knee prosthesis. For example, specially designed prostheses may be more suitable for an individual who does sports.

Design Technology: Today’s technological developments offer various options in knee prosthesis designs. Innovative materials, lightweight structures and more natural movement opportunities allow patients to have a more comfortable recovery process. However, it is important that the prosthesis used has good adhesion to the bone and is long-lasting.

Patient Satisfaction and Feedback: The experiences and feedback of patients who have previously undergone a similar surgery are an important resource in choosing the appropriate knee prosthesis. This information can help the patient better understand their expectations and make the right decisions.

Expertise of the Surgeon: The experience and expertise of the surgeon who will perform the knee prosthesis operation is also of great importance. Success is ensured by the surgeon correctly assessing the patient’s condition and selecting the appropriate prosthesis. It is the key to a successful surgery.

It can change the living spaces of the parts of a suitable knee prosthesis and maximize post-operative comfort. MSM Clinic, together with its expert team and healthcare professionals, makes the necessary risk assessments and provides all accommodation conditions for successful prosthesis selection.

Knee Replacement Surgery

MSM Clinic stands out as a health center that promises freedom of movement and a life without freedom to patients with knee prosthesis operations. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art surgery and has a unit managed by expert orthopedic surgeons.

Knee replacement surgery is usually performed to repair damage to the knee joint and increase life expectancy. At MSM Clinic, these activities are planned with a personalized approach, focusing on the individuality of the person. A detailed evaluation is performed and our experts retain the best care possible and create a treatment plan to achieve the best results after surgery.

MSM Clinic uses state-of-the-art devices and materials during knee replacement surgery, ensuring natural knee movement and obtaining results close to the knee. A registration program created by our physiotherapists working in the periodic clinic is applied in the operating room. Maintaining this program supports adaptation to the prosthesis, regaining muscle strength, and adaptation to daily activities.

Recovery Process After Knee Replacement Surgery

A successful recovery process after knee replacement surgery requires patience, regular registration and expert registration.

The first days after surgery usually pass. During this period, the patient can be discharged after a surgical examination and general health condition is evaluated. The recovery process becomes even more important after returning home.

Rehabilitation is a critical phase of knee replacement surgery. Physiotherapists design special exercise programs to expand the movement capacity and knee parts. These programs are adapted to restore muscle strength, correct imbalances and increase daily activities.

In the first weeks, they usually move around using a walking aid (walker, cane, crutches). Over time, with the guidance of the doctor and physiotherapist, they become owners of these assistive devices. However, his recovery rate is different and patience is important.

Pain management is an important part of the healing process. Doctors regularly assess patients’ pain levels and prescribe appropriate painkillers if necessary. This helps to have a durable healing process.

After knee prosthesis treatment, the healing process is supported by regular check-ups and follow-ups. It monitors the progress of the surgeon and treatment equipment, identifies possible complications and optimizes the healing process.

As a result, a successful recovery process after knee replacement surgery depends on the patient and healthcare team being cooperative, organized and patient. A good recovery process enables a more active, permanent life.

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