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Shoulder Dislocation

What is Shoulder Dislocation? Why Does It Happen?

Shoulder dislocation is a condition in which the shoulder joint moves out of its normal position. This condition means that the bones in the shoulder joint (upper arm bone and shoulder blade) move or move out of their normal positions. Shoulder dislocation can usually occur as a result of trauma, the impact of a sudden force, or weakness of the muscles around the shoulder joint.

The most common type of shoulder dislocation is the anterior shoulder dislocation. This means that the humerus bone, located in the front of the shoulder, slides over the shoulder blade. Posterior and lower shoulder dislocations can also occur, but these are less common.

Traumatic shoulder dislocation usually occurs during sports activities or as a result of accidents. For example, contact sports such as football, basketball, skiing or falls can lead to shoulder dislocations. Additionally, lifting weights suddenly or receiving a sudden blow to the shoulder may also cause shoulder dislocation.

Recurrence of shoulder dislocation is also common. In this case, people with shoulder dislocations have poor shoulder joint stability and their shoulders may dislocate repeatedly.

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When we, MSM Clinic, evaluate shoulder dislocation cases, we take into account the patient’s past trauma history and make the correct diagnosis by performing a physical examination of the shoulder. Imaging tests such as x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) may also be used when necessary. Treatment options may include surgery, physical therapy, use of a sling or splint to stabilize the shoulder, and muscle strengthening exercises. Our goal is to provide the most effective treatment plan to help our patients live healthy and active lives.

How is Shoulder Dislocation Treated?

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Treatment of shoulder dislocation may vary depending on the type of dislocation, its severity, and the patient’s general health condition. Treatment usually begins with conservative methods, and surgical intervention is preferred only when necessary. Here are the treatment options for shoulder dislocation:

Conservative Treatment:

Replacement (Reduction): When the shoulder is dislocated, replacement may be performed by the doctor to return the shoulder to its normal position. This procedure is an emergency and can relieve the patient’s pain.

Rest: Patients suffering from shoulder dislocation may be advised to rest for a period of time to protect their shoulders and promote healing. This may often involve the use of a sling.

Medications: Medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be prescribed to keep pain and inflammation under control.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy programs can be applied to strengthen the shoulder, increase its flexibility and restore its function.

Surgical treatment:

Arthroscopic Surgery: In cases of recurrence or severe cases of shoulder dislocation, arthroscopic surgery may be performed. In this method, the procedure is performed by inserting a thin camera (arthroscope) and surgical instruments into the shoulder through small incisions. This makes it easier to see and correct the internal structure of the shoulder.

Open Surgery: Rarely, open surgery may be required for complex or recurrent shoulder dislocations. In this case, the surgeon has direct access to the shoulder joint and makes the necessary repairs. It is generally applied to patients with excessive bone loss.

The treatment plan is determined according to the individual needs of the patient and the characteristics of the shoulder dislocation. As MSM Clinic, we create a special treatment plan for each patient and help our patients heal their shoulders in a healthy way.

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