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Spine Fractures

Spinal fractures often occur after spinal trauma (e.g., fall from a height, motorcycle accident, or sports injury), particularly in the thoracolumbar junction area, but can also occur in the lumbar-thoracic and servical areas. The most important problem with such injuries is damage to the nervous system of the spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries due to vertebral fractures can be complete, incomplete, or partial depending on the size, severity, and shape of the fracture. Depending on the type of injury, spinal fractures are considered orthopedic emergencies. Depending on the shape and neurological effects, conservative (corset) or surgical treatment options are preferred. General anesthesia is generally preferred for surgical procedures. Rehabilitation begins immediately after surgery and the patient is mobilized as quickly as possible. The main complications associated with surgery are neurological damage and the risk of infection. However, these cases are extremely rare and we have not yet experienced such complications.

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